Monday, June 21, 2010

Walter Cronkite Visits Industrial Light and Magic (1981)

Walter Cronkite visits ILM during the making of 'Empire Strikes Back'.


  1. Check the spelling on Kronheight.

  2. thanks for the correction -- it's actually Cronkite :)

  3. From issue 121 pg.66 of Cinefex:

    Quote: "After the cultural phenomenon that was Star Wars, there was intense interest by the mainstream media of the making of The Empire Strikes Back. No less a news luminary than Walter Cronkite toured ILM to document the behind the scenes visual effect effort for broadcast on an episode of his television series, The Twentieth Century. Tippett and Ken Ralston succumbed to the mischievous impulses and their natures when they were asked to do a sample tauntaun setup for Cronkite and his film crew. "We set up a tauntaun shot," Ralston recalled, "except, just for fun, we set it up in a completely fake way with a bunch of surface gauges and rulers stuck on them - all kinds of crazy things. During the demonstration, we adjusted things and acted very serious, as if we were animating this character using all this 'high-tech' stuff. It was a complete joke; and when I look back on it, it may not have been a smart move to do that with Walter Cronkite - but it was fun!"