Thursday, June 7, 2012

Super 8mm Footage From ‘Return of the Jedi’

This is some great footage of the Return of the Jedi film set in Buttercup Valley, CA! Funny enough a friend of mine also has some super8 footage from this shoot. Hopefully he'll get around to converting it to digital at some point. I'll keep nagging him heh heh

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  1. hi
    I work in the film industry as a prosthetic designer, and im branching out in film restoration and archive, i have just finished designing my 8k film scanner for 16mm, 8mm, super 8mm and hopefully next year, i have a 35mm design on the cards.
    I have had a nice copy of a revenge of the jedi 35mm trailer that im going to restore, and a great 1982 star wars re-issue trailer too.
    but my main interest is behind the scenes stuff, im looking to scan, restore as much as i can find, the deal is the supplier of the footage gets his/her footage scanned for free, is sent back the original (of course) and a 4k plus a bluray copy for their trouble, this footage will, if permission is given, be up loaded to an archive website for all to see.
    anyone with old movie footage esp behind the scenes then you can contact me via email

    I have a book in the works also that i wish to finish in the next 5 years, very in depth 3 book trilogy on traditional fx.

    lets record the lost arts before they become lost.
    Simon rose
    Great Britain.